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Document how you want your business to operate

HR Policy and Procedure:  

HR Policy Framework is a collation of considered principles to support decision making, guide rational outcomes related to the employment lifecycle.  Some aspects of the HR Policy Framework relate directly to legislative compliance, whilst other aspects will convey the culture of the business.

Policy Document is an expression of intent which is implemented through procedures and protocols.

Procedure is a written record of the steps required to execute a physical task and/or a decision making process.

  • development
  • implement
  • review
  • legislative compliance
  • define culture
  • educate workforce

Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedure: 

Similarly, a Work Health Safety and Injury Management Framework  (WHS&IM) is a collation of considered principles designed to ensure a working environment that keeps all workplace participants free from work related injury and/or illness.

WHS&IM Policy Document is an expression of intent which, amongst other things, clearly details the rights and responsibilities of all workplace participants in an attempt to ensure safety and wellbeing for all.  Policy intent is implemented through procedures and protocols.  

WHS&IM Procedure is a written record of the steps required to ensure the delivery of an intent (ie no injury or illness) and/or a decision making process.



Find the right staff for the right job

Recruitment and Selection: 

Recruitment is the act of casting the net widely enough to capture a group of suitably skilled people to fill a vacancy as defined by a position description.  A strong recruitment campaign can ensure the selection of the best people for the organisation and can in turn, avoid future disruption and difficulties.

Selection follows closely behind Recruitment, having netted a suitable group of people, the right people / persons for the job will be identified through the use of selection techniques, eg interview, presentation, skills testing or reference checking. 

  • draft advertisements
  • review applications
  • interview
  • reference check
  • candidate assessments
  • employment contracts 

Induction / Onboarding: 

Induction / Onboarding encompasses the steps immediately following Selection not only ensuring the organisation covers off their administrative processes to add the successful candidate/s to IT systems and payroll, etc; but it is equally as important and effective in educating the new employee (with consistency and clarity) about the company’s culture, policies, procedures, expectations, employee benefits, etc.

  • develop and implement a specific employee induction programme 

Position Management: 

Job Analysis requires a detailed review of the activities and interactions of a position to determine the discrete delineation between this and related positions.

  • analyse positions
  • review structure
  • create tools
  • train supervisors                     

Position Descriptions are a formal record of the activities and accountabilities of a position that informs and supports the recruitment and selection process, reminds the job holder of what’s required and should be the basis for performance management, amongst other things.

  • write new position descriptions
  • review / modify existing position descriptions