Know your numbers

Numbers tell business owners a lot more than how much tax they need to pay. As you know, reacting to the right numbers can stem unnecessary financial leakage!

Do you have clients who regularly say:

  • These people cost me so much, I’m just bleeding cash
  • I struggle to find employees, then they up and leave a few weeks later
  • No-one takes responsibility 
  • I’m already working 65 hours a week, I just can’t do any more
  • I’d love to take the family on holiday, but I can’t trust anyone to run the place in my absence
  • If only I could have another ‘Johnny’ the Sales team might actually get more sales
  • I don’t understand why warranty costs sky-rocketed last quarter
  • I spend half my week stopping squabbles in the factory and the other fighting fires with customers.

As your partner, Solutions To Spec will support your clients by analysing these issues and customising practical people management policies and processes that will create time and improved outcomes for business owners. 

Contact Trish at Solutions To Spec, armed with a brief from you, she’ll partner with your client and get them on track. Email [email protected] or call 0408 744 827 to find out more.