How We Support You

We work with you and your team to understand your business, we then present you with a “stop / start” report detailing:

  • STOP – the practices or processes that are hurting your business and shouldn’t be
  • PROCEED - what’s working well and that you should continue doing
  • START – where there is opportunity to introduce complementary processes and systems

Our report will provide enough detail for you to make decisions on, but will be brief enough so you can digest it reasonably quickly without taking too much time away from revenue generating activities.

Once a path forward is agreed, you return to focusing on your business activities and Solutions To Spec will take the necessary steps to….

Fix it!

Enhance it!

Change it!

At all times, we liaise closely with you so that you drive exactly where your business is going – we work with you to make your business better!

We give you tools and skills for the future

Performance Development and Management: system design, implementation, support

Remuneration and Reward Strategies: market analysis, create and implement attraction and retention strategies, craft and implement reward and recognition programmes

Support you in all that you do

Operational Manual: comprehensive review, analysis, enhance, document, educate on operational processes (including the use of Lean methodologies)

Business Planning:  partner to identify opportunities for growth and craft a structured way forward

Solutions To Spec provides you the tools and systems to protect your business (and employees) across the people management spectrum, and beyond!